Entry Three
Today we returned to Svetlana with her supply of moon radishes and journeyed west to a forested area. We discovered several large and unmarked bear traps. Adjacent to the traps were the booted footprints of a humanoid creature. We determined to follow these tracks. They led us to a triggered deadfall trap. A man’s corpse lay beneath, confirmed to be wearing boots that matched the tracks. (Later we were informed by the Fey that his name was Breeg). A masterwork hatchet was lodged into a tree nearby.
The party traveled southwest where we discovered more forest and rested for the night. Near the end of his watch, Tsuda approached Shiv and discovered his nakedness. We all awoke to find our clothes missing, save for Tsuda. We found them hanging in a nearby tree, formed in a way so they appeared to be hugging. After redressing, we traveled east and discovered a rock cairn. Like the fools we are, we decided to desecrate the cairn and discovered a body beneath. The humanoid corpse wore hide armor and a crushed-in skull. A ring of green wood with an entangled eel and frog carving was looted and given to Sneed. Toward the south we also discovered a ring of swimming, handing it off to Tsuda.
We decided to rest once more in the forest. This time our clothes were found in a curled-up, laughing posture. Unfortunately, Tsuda and myself were the victims of a white itching power. The powder was placed by a group of Fey, and so we attempted to lure them out. After a few frustrating minutes, Telford sacrificed his signet ring and watched helplessly as it disappeared. In an effort to catch the invisible Fey, Sneed casted sleep and half of the party dropped to the ground. After waking up six seconds later, Telford managed to converse with a Fey that we trapped in a blanket. The Fey telepathically told Telford that the round was over and we released it.
Further east we discovered a hot spring. Two large flies attacked us, and as the battle advanced we discovered maggots within the spring. We easily defeated the bugs, and eventually came upon a temple to Tsuda’s deity. Knowing that a large creature would be hiding within, Tsuda foolishly began to yell at call for his god. A large bear lumbered forth. After an intense battle, the bear appeared as a man who thanked us before crumbling into dust. The water within the temple had a sort of glow to it, but nothing could be perceived from it. We rested in the temple and awoke with new knowledge and strength.
Leaving the temple behind us, we moved to the east and discovered a crack in the side of a nearby mountain. Within the crack were gold veins that reached far back. Further east we came across two Fey creatures, a cricket thing and a faerie dragon. Apparently they were the ones who killed the man back at the deadfall trap. They asked us to get rid of some local villains.
More movement to the east and we happened upon a clearing. Within the clearing was a single lightning-struck tree that resembled the drawing carried by a bandit from a few days past. Following the x scrawling in the picture, Sneed dug into the ground and revealed a dagger, spell book and silver ring wrapped within a cloak. Sneed read off the spells: identify, mage armor, reduce person, silent image and unseen servant.
Now we are headed back to Oleg’s.
It seems that Oleg has repaired two of the catapults, and Sneed assisted with mending a third. We made the purchase of a masterwork weapon and a light wounds wand in preparation for future encounters, as Telford continued to work on his dead-end music career. Tonight we will rest at Oleg’s.

- Licentia


Ozymandious Victorog

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